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Can a Landlord deduct End of Tenancy Cleaning Charges from your Deposit?

Yes! This has happened in many cases but the good news is that tenants can avoid it. At least, they can do something to ensure that they received full or almost full deposit at the end of their tenancy. At the beginning of any rental agreements, tenants and landlords agree to some basic aspects about the property. This largely covers ways to ensure both parties are without cause for distress. Your tenancy might last a long time and without an agreement, it might be hard remembering the conditions of the lease.

Are you just about to move into a new property as a tenant? When the time comes to exit, how will the relationship between you and the landlord be? Most tenants forget that the landlord is in this agreement for the business. To protect their interests, there must be clear regulations so that the tenant does not feel exploited. Landlords can be forgiven therefore, for charging cleaning costs to the tenant, if the rental property at the time of exit of a tenant, is not in the initial condition when they were moving in. 

The ideal scenario when the condition of a house is not satisfactory to the landlord is to hire cleaners. 

How can a tenant ensure that this does not happen? Did you know that it is possible to employ cheap end of tenancy cleaning? To start with, ask the landlord for a checklist of the cleaning requirements. This will be a good place to start and especially to make decisions on what level of cleaning services you need. If the checklist is something you can manage, you are better of dividing the cleaning tasks over the course of your tenancy to avoid paying a lot for end of tenancy cleaning. The best approach for this is to do thorough cleaning every week or month. 

Some circumstances might have prevented you from keeping your end of the agreement. Do not wait for the landlord to deduct any money to hire professional cleaners; source for your own service providers. Since the money is technically coming from your pocket, you are better equipped to negotiate and find cheap end of tenancy cleaning professionals. One of the best know companies in London for an end of tenancy cleaning is Citi Clean. Citi Clean has a more than 10 years experience in conducting end of tenancy cleans in London and surely will provide you with a high quality service.

What if your house has met all the conditions in the checklist and the landlord still insists on professional cleaning? That is sufficient ground for raising a tenancy dispute – if at all arbitration on various levels has failed.